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Exclusive in-depth interviews where we get up close and personal with self-starting business leaders, discussing what you need to start, build and keep your business.

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Apr 16, 2019

In this episode, Brian speaks with comic co-host Christian Hahn about his corporate gig in the Caribbean. 

Craig Rudes stops by the studio and updates us about the May 22nd Bitcoin pizza day event, with Live Biz Blast Radio podcast and comedy show. To attend for free register at HERE

Beth and Brian Reynolds are guests on the show.

Beth Reynolds from FINBAKER.

A company that delivers executive learning and coaching programs like no other. To learn more visit

Beth talks about her coaching style and techniques to increase the efficiency of sales professionals. 

Brian Reynolds is the head of the Robotics department at Huntington HS. New York as well as runs and operates a boat charter service. 

Brian talks about the amazing working being done with the advancement of robotics and High School students getting excited about Engineering. 

Brian also runs an Easy Fishing program for kids. To learn more visit

The whole group plays the "What's My Worth" game, Harry Potter edition. Some of the players didn't realize just how big the size of the Harry Potter world. 

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